Br Dodo Fernandez FSC DLSL

Building Upon Solid Foundations: DLSL Welcomes 6th President

De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) welcomes its 6th President, Br. Edmundo “Dodo” Fernandez FSC, last August 1, 2022.

Br. Dodo FSC is no stranger to DLSL.  Almost thirty years ago, fresh off formation from the La Salle Provincialate, he was assigned as full-time Christian Living Teacher and Homeroom Adviser into what is now the Integrated School.  He recalls spending some of the best years of his life at De La Salle Lipa as he made plenty of friends on campus and fully immersed himself in the community.

The new Brother President is happy to be back on the ground of his genesis. His return also comes at a time of great importance for the school.

Building upon the School’s Current Direction

Br. Dodo FSC is returning to DLSL confident that he has a solid foundation to build upon. Thanks to the good work done by his predecessor, Br. Dante Jose Amisola FSC, he is in a position to continue building, instead of starting from scratch.

He highlighted the school’s Digital Campus initiative, and sees it as something that has put the institution in an advantageous position within the region. Moving forward, he wishes to continue improving the digital campus as he regards it as a real asset for the school.

The President is also intent on keeping De La Salle Lipa as agile and flexible as possible. He wants the school to be adaptable to the challenges of the new normal for education to continue with the least possible disruptions to the learning experience.

The environment-friendly DLSL campus has also caught Br. Dodo’s eye. He will continue to champion the institution’s sustainable practices and articulated that sustainability is something that warrants building upon for the institution.

Pursuing Innovative Improvements

On top of the ‘wins’ of his predecessor, Br. Dodo is taking on his new post with an aim towards innovation.

Among others, one of his goals is to integrate technology even further into the school’s operations. He wants technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience and plans to feature it as the heart of certain program offerings. Onboarding and engaging Lasallian Partners, both faculty and staff, will be crucial to accomplishing the goal.

Prospecting on the viability of blended learning for De La Salle Lipa, he envisions adopting the methodology as a likely next step for the school, as both students and Lasallian Partners work within the realities of the new normal.

On Approaching His New Role

The Brother President is no stranger to the role of School President. He’s already spent time, since 2019, as the President of both La Salle Green Hills and De La Salle – College of St. Benilde.  With the shared services direction of De La Salle Philippines, De La Salle Lipa completes the East Luzon Cluster collaboration grouping.

Still, this additional role carries a special meaning for Br. Dodo FSC, given his history with De La Salle Lipa.  He is thus taking the time to carefully study, and, prepare for taking on the mission and vision of the institution, and, give his best to lead the school into becoming an adaptable, innovative and sustainable 21st century learning space.