Earth Day 2021 DLSL

Earth Day 2021: DLSL Reasserts Vow to Help Create a Healthy Planet

On April 22, humankind celebrates Earth Day, dubbed as the “largest secular observance worldwide” Globally, people in 192 countries hold activities to mark “International Mother Earth Day”, adopted by the United Nations General Assembly through a declaration in 2009.

‘Restore Our Earth’

This year’s theme, “Restore Our Earth” converges on emerging green technologies, natural processes and innovative thinking that can bring back the world’s valuable ecosystems.

“Restore Our Earth” means that people must be part of the initiative of fixing this planet not only because of their concern but since we all live on it. In fact, the earth must be healthy at all times since our jobs, happiness, and survival all depend on a wholesome earth.

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DLSL’s Commitment to Sustainability

For its part, De La Salle Lipa (DLSL) once again reaffirms its pledge in helping establish a healthy planet and humanity. In its small way, the school continues to steer and support the entire Lasallian community in this endeavor.

DLSL, through the Sustainability and Inclusive Education Directorate (SIED) conceived the so-called SAVE TODAY, SAVE TOMORROW BORDERFREE FRIENDLY REMINDER TIPS in guiding students, parents, partners, and other stakeholders on how to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle. They can perform these activities while at home, working or learning, keeping in mind safety and good hygiene practices at all times.

Mental Health, Wellness & Physical Space

There’s no limitation in engaging in physical workouts. Walking is the easiest and most effective form of exercise. The truth is you can work instead of commute to the workplace which is good for the health. Or else, avail of free meditation techniques, deep breathing movements and Yoga apps online.

For those working from home, try to have a separate workspace. It will help in keeping a work-home life balance and reducing distractions. Decorate this area with homegrown plants, picture frames or other appropriate furnishings. Plants purify the air and add a pleasant feeling to the surroundings. Make sure to take short breaks in between working hours and a lunch break, of course.

Waste Reduction, Diversion & Recycling

These are the basics of environmental sustainability. Donate unused or underutilized items in your home. Other people can use and benefit from your old personal belongings.

Avoid single-use, non-recyclable and non-compostable items. Instead, utilize reusables like washable clothes with disinfectants and metal utensils. However, clean and disinfect them thoroughly after use. Learn how to properly recycle common items that could otherwise have been thrown away.

Set up a recycling station in the closet or garage to ease sorting your waste before collection. Be a conscious consumer! Find out where the items came from, how they were made, and support fair trade so that you can make the most informed purchasing decision possible.

Turn off the water faucet while lathering your hands with soap. Washing your hands for 20 seconds can waste a lot of water if the tap is left on. The same applies to brushing your teeth or washing your face.

Fix leaky sinks or faucets and install low-flow taps and toilets when possible.

Take shorter showers and limit the number of baths where possible. Every drop adds up! If you have to run the faucet for a short duration to achieve optimal water temperature, capture the wastewater and use it for watering the plants.

Utilize natural light by a window or door instead of turning lights on. Unplug any small appliances/gadgets or turn off electronics when not in use.

Avoid printing paper at home. Instead, share via email or related social media applications.

Finally, grow some herbs on your balcony or in a window box. It’s amazing how much you can grow in a little space. It will save you money, be healthier and also rewarding to see your plants grow.

Learning Resources and Community Engagement

Remain updated through the DLSL website, Canvas, social media pages, and social media groups for related environmental awareness, mindfulness, and overall wellness sessions, events and webinars. Check out information to learn more about carbon footprint & carbon capture and get inspired to “green” your horizons while working at home.