College of Business, Economics, Accountancy and Management

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College of Business, Economics, Accountancy and Management

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Led by a community of educators and business practitioners, CBEAM is committed to produce innovative, socially responsible, and globally competent Lasallian business leaders and professionals.
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The Bachelor of Science in Accountancy (BSA) program develops graduates who are globally competitive accountants in the fields of corporate accounting, public practice, academe and government accounting. Further, students under this program will be trained to pass the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) Licensure Examination given by the  Professional Regulation Commission.[/vc_column_text][us_separator type=”invisible”][us_separator type=”invisible”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”BS Accounting Information System” tab_id=”1583199816413-e49651b4-203a”][vc_column_text]


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The Bachelor of Science in Accounting Information System (BSAIS) program aims to provide students with strong foundation of knowledge and skills regarding accounting standards and techniques in order to prepare them for employment as a paraprofessional in the accounting field.[/vc_column_text][us_separator type=”invisible”][us_separator type=”invisible”][/vc_tta_section][vc_tta_section title=”BS Business Administration
Major in Marketing Management” tab_id=”1583199882756-9b26d258-4714″][vc_column_text]


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The BSBA in Marketing Management program is intended to develop students to become marketing management professionals who are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills in consumer behavior and marketing research and translate them into a competitive product or service solutions.  In so doing, they will be trained to build long-term customer relationships, innovate product or service offerings and develop competitive and sustainable strategies and tactics in marketing products and services.  In addition, the students will also specialize in sales and key account management, trade marketing and category management.

BSBA, Major Marketing Management Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Discuss theories, concepts and principles of marketing management
  2. Demonstrate competency and skills in designing marketing mix strategies
  3. Recognize relevant issues and latest developments in the field of business and marketing
  4. Innovate business and marketing ideas based on emerging industry
  5. Communicate effectively both orally and in writing any marketing decisions, activities and dealings with different stakeholders
  6. Evaluate marketing programs and recommend appropriate actions
  7. Apply competitive marketing strategies to continuously and profitably satisfy the needs and wants of customers
  8. Utilize marketing and sales data to make sound, legal and ethical marketing decisions
  9. Conduct and present marketing research/consumer behavior research
  10. Apply information and communication technology (ICT) effectively and efficiently
  11. Prepare and present a feasible marketing plan
  12. Implement integrated marketing communication strategies
  13. Confidently maintain a commitment to  social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as a Lasallian marketing professional
  14. Develop and maintain long-term relationships with customers, suppliers and other collaborators
  15. Recognize ethical and professional responsibilities in business and marketing situations
  16. Manage strategic business units for economic sustainability
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The BSBA in Financial Management Program is intended to produce financial management professionals who have solid foundations on theory, principles and practices in financial management. They will be equipped with the necessary analytical tools and competencies in developing sound, competitive and sustainable financial management decisions. They will also specialize in managing portfolio and investment decisions.

BSBA, Major in Financial Management Program Learning Outcomes 

  1. Discuss and explain the principles of financial planning and management
  2. Evaluate ethical issues and dilemmas related to finance
  3. Integrate financial information and analysis into a well-organized report
  4. Innovate business ideas based on emerging industries
  5. Apply appropriate problem-solving methodologies to the analysis and solution of finance-related problems
  6. Use innovative methods, collate diverse ideas and ensure feedback mechanism in solving financial problems to achieve excellent results
  7. Communicate with clarity, accuracy and empathy according to the needs and demands of the business and industry
  8. Apply information and communication technology effectively and efficiently
  9. Exercise Christian leadership and financial management skills to contribute positively to society
  10. Perform financial management research to contribute to the body of knowledge in the field of discipline
  11. Confidently maintain a commitment to  social responsibility and ethical practice in performing functions as a Lasallian financial executive
  12. Manage a strategic business unit for economic sustainability
  13. Demonstrate competence and professionalism in a culturally-diverse work environment
  14. Demonstrate ethical appreciation in dealings and relationships with clients and third parties
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The Bachelor of Science in Entrepreneurship (BSEntrep) program is intended to produce graduates who are competent, knowledgeable and motivated in starting and managing their own innovative and sustainable businesses. Likewise, the program includes four tracks such as Agribusiness, Tourism, Culinary and Technopreneurship where students get exposed to various business opportunities.

The following are the Program Learning Outcomes of BS ENTREPRENEURSHIP:

  1. Analyze and scan the environment to determine business opportunities
  2. Develop profitability profiles from which entrepreneurial venturess can be selected from
  3. Prepare a business plan
  4. Perform the basic functions of management (posdicon)
  5. Apply ICT as required by business environment
  6. Operate and manage the enterprise observing good governance and social responsibility
  7. Select the proper decision tools and solve problems to critically, analytically and creatively solve problems and  drive results
  8. Demonstrate corporate and social responsibility.
  9. Work effectively with other stakeholders and manage conflict within the workplace
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The Bachelor of Science in Legal Management (BSLM) programs aims to provide basic knowledge in proper legislative proceedings, as well as an overview of the justice system for students who intend to pursue further studies in the Philippines and International Law. It also equips students with management skills, enhanced by knowledge of legal matters, a combination that is valuable for work in an organization or a self-owned enterprise.

Career Opportunities
Legal Researcher
Legal Aide
Legal Officer
Entrepreneur[/vc_column_text][us_separator type=”invisible”][us_separator type=”invisible”][/vc_tta_section][/vc_tta_tour][us_separator size=”small”][vc_column_text]

For questions and inquiries, you may call at (043) 302-2900.

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Certified Public Accountant Area/Store Manager
Entrepreneur Bank Officer
Junior Supervisor Human Resource Staff
Production Staff Sales Supervisor
Purchasing Officer Trader
Liaison Officer Financial Analyst
Business Analyst Legal Researcher
Bank Manager Legal Aide
Account Executive Legal Officer
Administrator Public Relations Officer
Advertising Manager Marketing Manager
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