Research Guidelines

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[/vc_column_text][us_separator type=”invisible” size=”small”][vc_column_text]Research guidelines are formulated to enhance the culture of research at De La Salle Lipa. It is the responsibility of the Office of Research and Publications to promote and deliver support services to ensure that high-quality scientific papers are produced, and good research practice is shared by the whole community. These guidelines, through the office of the Vice-Chancellor for Research, shall be modified and updated whenever necessary after due consultations with the representatives of all units.

Research is an essential component of the functions of De La Salle Lipa as a learning institution and a strategy for realizing the mission to create social impact through social innovation. Partner’s engagement in research broadens knowledge and contribute to the effectiveness of academic programs through the development of new teaching and learning methodologies. It is also a way for the institution to contribute to society by creating innovative solutions to solve real-world problems through research.

DLSL supports faculty researchers who are engaging in the following types of research projects:

Basic or Fundamental Research
Research that involves experimental or theoretical work undertaken to acquire new knowledge without a particular or specific application . This may be performed in the institution to provide information which supports institutional planning, policy formation and decision making or within and between social groups to solve social, cultural, economic, and environmental problems to create more resilient and sustainable communities.

Applied Research
Research undertaken to acquire new knowledge towards a specific practical aim or objective. It draws from existing knowledge to create or discover new ideas or innovation to provide real-world solutions to real-world problems. Proponents may do an action or project-based research projects or evaluate and assess the impact of specific programs or behavior to produce relevant solutions to the problems at hand.

De La Salle Lipa Research Grant provides opportunities for DLSL partners to pursue basic or applied research projects. This grant is awarded to academic teaching, academic service faculty, and academic services personnel with full-time or regular status.

Specific guidelines are provided at the ORP Research Portal via Canvas

[1] Summary of Basic Research definitions from,,, and

[2] Saupe, J. L. 1990. The functions of institutional research.

[3] Please see the RESEARCH PROPOSAL GUIDE for a more detailed description of the types of Applied Research.

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Research & Publications

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